Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Bull's Eye

What the heck is a 'Bull's Eye' ( )and why is it in the conversation balloons?

Members can express their opinions of a post by voting. The choices are Vote Up, Vote Down or "Bull's Eye."

When you Vote Up (represented by a 'thumbs up' symbol), your vote is recorded by displaying or increasing the number next to the vote. Also, the author is given some points to his YourView 'rank' which is a measure of his reliability and trustability.

When you Vote Down (a 'thumbs down' symbol) the post becomes visibly a little more transparent, indicating that it is less important than others.

When a post really does a great job answering a question, give it a 'Bull's Eye.' The post gets a little more opaque and pronounced to indicate that it is considered to be more important, and the author earns more points.

How can I trust an answer to my question? One way is to look for the author's Rank.

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