Get the Free YourView Widget for your site

Who should get the Widget
If any part of your website or blog involves 'Location' then this widget will provide a richer user experience and also create awareness for new potential visitors to your site who are also interested in that location. It's automatic - requires no interaction after installation.  Build Community with real-time conversations nearby.

What does it do?    See the tab on the left edge of the screen?  Click it... is a platform that hosts live, location-based conversations.  The Widget provides a live window into those conversations going on right now in and around the location you choose.  If your page includes any location themes, then the widget will allow your viewers to share questions, comments, suggestions and thoughts with others who are also interested in or located in the same location..  Conversations include people interested in the chosen location Adding the Widget to your site lets your visitors join in live conversations going on in the same locale, which brings more awareness to your website.
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Say you run a blog that highlights the best new Food Trucks in Brooklyn.  Adding the Widget opens a window to all of the live conversations going on in Brooklyn so your visitors can participate with others in the nearby conversations.  This lets your readers to ask real-time questions, share sightings, suggestions and comments, not just among your readers, but with all of the ongoing live conversations in Brooklyn.   The conversations serve to cross-pollinate participation in both directions, not only bringing your readers to the conversation, but also bringing other participants to your site by drawing them into the conversation.
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Promote your Page
Sign up for a Merchant account on (Free for a Limited Time) and promote your page to all of the participants in local conversations. Your promotion will be displayed automatically to all conversations in a radius you choose.  You can also select a keyword and be notified whenever a conversation includes a mention.  As a registered Merchant, you can also start conversations in your location and bring new users to your site.

Once you register as a new Merchant, you can create Ads and Offers directly.  You control who sees the ads and when they are displayed.