Friday, December 31, 2010

YourView Widget is Live!

With just a few clicks you can add the Free YourView widget to your website or blog. Build your community with real-time, location based conversations right on your website.

To get the Widget, pick your location and generate the code here. Then paste it anywhere before the '/body' tag in your website HTML. Instructions for Blogger and Wordpress are also available.

With a single click, your visitors will be able to join live conversations not just with your other visitors, but also with people who are participating in nearby conversations.


First: Select a location nearby that is most relevant to your content. You can use a city, zip code, area code, airport name, or just about anything else. For instance Grand Canyon, or Rockefeller Center or Dodger Stadium will all work. But don't get too excited about which location you pick. You can change this location anytime you want by returning to this page and generating a new code snippet to paste into your site.

Second: copy the code that is generated and paste it into your HTML or into your Blog's text widget or gadget. Note that some blog hosts do not permit javascript so the Widget will not work for them.

Once the widget is installed, it is automatic and nothing further is required of you. You may choose, however, to create and post items to a local conversation to promote your content or products and services. No login or registration is required in order to join an existing conversation. To create a new conversation the user must be registered and logged in.

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